DJ Rave

DJ Rave

The GrandMaster

Date of Birth: May 20

Program: Catch me guys from 3 am to 5 am Singapore and Philippine time….

How do you describe yourself: simple, open minded, jolly person, sometimes suplado daw per di naman totoo yun, at higit sa lahat friendly

What got you into music: I love music ever since I was young and I started at the early age playing guitar. Our Clan is Music Lover.


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Favorite artists/musicians: foreign- bob marley, shakira,pearl jam, disturbeb,chocolate factory,eheads,kamikazi..etc.

Favorite song: all reggae songs,rock songs

Favorite thing about being a Choco Jock: to entertain people and gain more friends.

What is your ultimate goal: to be a successful business man someday..


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