DJ Akirah

“In everything you do it for the Glory of the one who created you
Things most people don’t know about you:that i am very compassionate especially to elderly and little children, i only look brave and strong but i am not.”

The Big Night

Date of Birth:September 16,1982

How do you describe yourself:I am just an extra ordinary woman who can do extra ordinary job,easy to be with,friendly though people usually see me as snob.better to know me first before you judge

What got you into music: the beneficial element of music that heals a wounded heart
Favorite artists/musicians:Angela Boefil,jose mari chan, nina,lionel richie,allan jackson,kenny chesney and kenny Rogers
Favorite song: you had ne from hello and once in a lifetime love

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A natural music lover and fan of Reggae, R&B, OPM and Country music. A Lady with full of Talents, she’s into Flower Plant collections, Photography and Martial Arts. She’s practicing and teaching Taekwondo, MMA, and Arnis.

Favorite thing about being a Radio Jock: You can communicate to people thru music
What is your ultimate wish:to have my own radio disk jock set up and to travel around the world.

The Iron Lady

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